Wednesday, 3 April 2013


A glance at the flooded city of London in Drowntown makes it pretty apparent that the story we're telling draws to some degree on environmental issues and concerns such as climate change and rising sea levels, all of which seem to become increasingly topical with each passing year. 

We're obviously extrapolating these elements to a fairly fantastic degree to produce what is hopefully an entertaining SF adventure. In the name of accuracy and diligent research, however, I felt I had no choice but to investigate further over the Easter weekend, exposing myself to the dangers of ferocious seas and whipping winds... 

Photo: Deborah Tate

Photo: Deborah Tate
...and the dubious temptations of a UK seaside resort in the dead of what feels like winter, but is technically supposed to be the start of summer. 

The crashing surf at Robin Hood's Bay was much more spectacular than it's come out in that first photo. Honest. I've got wet trainers to prove it. 

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