Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Part of the idea behind Drowntown was to produce a story with an almost Dickensian-sized cast, featuring characters from every strata of society, top to bottom. Over-ambitious as usual, we're nowhere near that so far, though it is only Book 1. 

Here's an introduction to some of our main players, tweaked slightly from the original outline we put together. Some of them would be fun to go for a beer with, others you'd be worried about making it home alive: 

Alexandra Bastet: The Empress of the Underworld, frighteningly intelligent and utterly ruthless. A master of Machiavellian manipulation, always at least one step ahead of her enemies. A beautiful, but terrifying angel of vengeance, on a relentless quest for retribution.

Alexandra Bastet: Deadlier Than The Male 
Leo Noiret: A downbeat, down-at-heel, down-at-everything Minder and hard-luck hero, who - no matter how much he tries to ignore it - remains plagued by the small diamond of conscience that stubbornly exists within him. Survival in Drowntown would be a hell of a lot easier without a conscience.

Leo Noiret: Hard-Luck Hero
Gina Cassell: A tough, sexy, cocky, reckless, irreverently humoured young adventurer - streetwise but with a touch of innocence - who uses her breathtaking skills with the hydro-bike and intimate knowledge of the flooded London streets to earn a precarious living as a courier/smuggler.

Gina Cassell: Hydro-Biker Courier
Vincent Drakenberg: The heir apparent to the Drakenberg Corporation, the world leader in both genetic engineering and environmental technology. A handsome playboy whose own romantic streak is under threat from the blunt pragmatism instilled in him by his father, an advocate of ‘kill or be killed’.

Vincent Drakenberg: Cool As They Come
Jeremy Twisden: A corrupt, but undoubtedly charismatic – albeit in a ‘man you love to hate’ vein – politician. A bloated, blustering, but genuinely cunning schemer – Boris Johnson rolled into Michael Winner with maybe a touch of Brian Cox (actor, not scientist) hamming it up villainously.

The Right (Dis)Honourable Jeremy Twisden

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